Edward Cronin

Ed has worked in the law enforcement field for over 35 years. His career includes experience as a police chief in two cities in Massachusetts. He holds a graduate degree in Criminal Justice Management along with an advanced graduate degree in Organizational Development and Systems Thinking from Suffolk University. He is also a certified executive coach from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

While working in Fitchburg, he co-developed a dialoguing and systems approach to address the issues of unconscious racism and how it affected the community. His ground-breaking work brought the police, minority community and the greater community at large together to engage in a process that identified and addressed the problems of deep seated unconscious racism and an understanding of how to identify and address the roots of the problem. This work resulted in Ed receiving the 2011 Individual Achievement Award in Civil Rights from the International Chiefs of Police.

He also has extensive international experience having worked in Cairo, Egypt for one year at the U.S. Embassy as a police advisor to the Egyptian Police and three years as Sr. Police Advisor to the police of the country of Moldova in Eastern Europe. He also worked for three years as a Program Director for a U.S. State Department funded project to address violence against women in Russia, Ukraine and Georgia.

“I want to identify with law enforcement, but I want to convey the notion that we serve people. Not the other way around. We seek to reform policing so that it is just for everybody.”

– Edward Cronin